commercial and industrial project cases-2 Rugvica, Croatia

Commercial and Industrial Energy Solutions utilize advanced solar and storage technologies to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. These systems minimize reliance on traditional power grids and reduce installation and maintenance costs, offering businesses a cost-effective way to achieve energy independence and operational reliability.

Key Features:
• Advanced Solar Integration: Efficiently harness solar energy with state-of-the-art PV systems designed for high performance in commercial and industrial applications.
• Energy Storage: Store excess solar energy in robust battery systems, ensuring a steady power supply during peak demand or when sunlight is not available.
• Reliability and Efficiency: Reduce dependence on the grid with reliable power storage and smart energy management tailored to operational needs.
• Cost-Effective: Lower energy bills and maintenance costs with integrated solutions designed for long-term savings and sustainability.
• Scalable Solutions: Systems can be scaled to meet the energy needs of various commercial and industrial setups, from small businesses to large enterprises.
• Remote Monitoring: Utilize cloud-based monitoring tools to keep track of energy usage and system performance from anywhere, at any time.
• On-Grid Capability: Seamlessly integrate with the grid to enhance energy efficiency.

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Application Samples

commercial and industrial project cases-1 Lithuania
Scale: 3.2MW
Location: Lithuania
commercial and industrial project cases-2 Rugvica, Croatia
Scale: 2.4MW
Location: Rugvica, Croatia
commercial and industrial project cases-3-1.7MW Austin, USA
Scale: 1.7MW
Location: Austin, USA
commercial and industrial project cases-4-2.5MW Pachuca, Mexico
Scale: 2.5MW
Location: Pachuca, Mexico
commercial and industrial project cases-5-2MW Thu Dau Mot, Vietnam
Scale: 2MW
Location: Thu Dau Mot, Vietnam
commercial and industrial project cases-6-1.2MW Salzburg, Austria
Scale: 1.2MW
Location: Salzburg, Austria
commercial and industrial project cases-7-288kW Cape Town, South Africa
Scale: 288kW
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
commercial and industrial project cases-8-830kW Singapore
Scale: 830kW
Location: Singapore
commercial and industrial project cases-9-901kW Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
Scale: 901kW
Location: Nakhon Pathom, Thailand