EPEVER is a leading provider of solar energy solutions for off-grid applications. We understand that monitoring, configuring, and logging the performance of solar systems can be challenging, especially when they are located in remote areas. That’s why we offer a range of communication accessories that enable you to stay connected to your solar system and optimize its performance.

off grid solar system

Our communication accessories are designed to suit diverse customer needs. We offer two categories of products: remote monitoring devices and remote monitoring and control products for Wi-Fi, TCP, and cloud monitoring.

Wi-Fi, TCP, and cloud monitoring

Our remote monitoring devices are ideal for display and control purposes. They include the MT50MT75MT91MT92, and MT11 remote display units, which feature LCD screens and communication capabilities. These user-friendly devices provide real-time data on system performance, including power output, charging status, and system errors. With our remote monitoring devices, you can monitor your solar system’s performance from a distance and take appropriate action to ensure its optimal performance.

remote monitoring devices

Our remote monitoring and control products for Wi-Fi, TCP, and cloud monitoring enable wireless or wired communication options and allow for remote parameter monitoring and programming. Remote here could be a wired connection with a limited distance. They include the Wi-Fi Adapter 2.4G RJ45 A, TCP-306, Wi-Fi Adapter 2.4G RJ45 D and RS485-1M2S Extension Module. With these products, you can remotely monitor and control your solar system from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can also transmit operational data to the EPEVER cloud server in real-time, providing you with seamless access to vital information about your solar system’s performance.

remotely monitor and control your solar system

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